Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

  • How can we perform our legal obligations more efficiently and at lower cost?
  • What kind of opportunity and chances is there in order to increase the economic value of our company?
  • How can we benefit from these opportunities efficiently and plentifully?
  • How do we provide continuous growth opportunities in today’s competition conditions?
  • What are the economic and taxational advantages in various sectors?
  • What kind of instruments are there in order to provide advantage in the competition?
  • How should we manage a strong institutionalization process?

For our customers aiming to grow in the business world, face with the wide range of problems and need for suitable solutions on the stated subjects; we provide below mentioned consultancy services about the applicable solutions.

Corporate Services

  • Establishment and capital increases of the national and foreign capitalized corporations.
  • Regulation of the master agreement, minutes of general meeting and other legal documents.
  • Developing solution offers in the contract management and commercial disputes.
  • By examining all kinds of, beginning or ongoing, projects within the scope of the incentive legislation; making suggestions to benefit from all opportunities completely and appropriately, and giving support to carry out the incentive operations.
  • Giving training services in the fields of business management, accounting and finance.

Management Consultancy 

  • Establishment and development of the accounting and management information services
  • Development of the planning and budgeting systems.
  • Creating an efficient internal audit system and providing its maintainability.
  • Generating offers to revise the internal audit system and correct the detected deficiencies.
  • Giving consultancy services on management of financial resources, operations, financial performance and risk management.
  • Developing offers to make the asset and debt managements efficiently.
  • Increasing profitability of the businesses and reorganizing them to provide productivity and efficiency in activities.
  • Providing management support to the companies in financial difficulty.
  • Generating management plans and reporting procedures for the holding and group companies.

Financial Assessment and Analyses

Making suggestions to make financial assessments of the companies at international standards, evaluate their data in the financial system, and make data, which did not occur in accord with the standards, occur in these standards is among our services.

Investment and Risk Analysis Services

In this context,  examination of the corporate actions and applications within the scope of the related legislative regulations and formation of the solution offers by discussing the matters may be create risk factor with directors of the corporation are aimed.

Document Layout and Risk Analysis

  • Examining the current document layout, and detection of the missing and errors.
  • Forming an efficient document layout in accord with the legislation.
  • Training of the corporate personnel.

Disguised Income Distribution, Discretionary Capital and Transfer Pricing

  • Detection of risks by examining the applications of exchanging debt between the related corporations, pricing of the goods and services.
  • Within the frame of the current applications, providing to make safe decisions against possible approaches of the Tax Administration.
  • Giving support service in the stage of development and application of the transfer pricing projects.

Free Zones, Industrial Zones and Technopark Activities

  • Creating an efficient tax structure by examining the activities in terms of tax burden.
  • Prevention of the possible tax risks.

Project Finance 

  • Preparing the feasibility report by making detailed financial, economic and technical assessments of the investment projects.
  • Forming the cash flows of the project and preparing all kinds of project document.
  • Consultancy services in the field of project management.

Public Offering and Capital Market Transactions 

  • Giving support to the preparatory works for public offering of shares of companies.
  • Determining the most appropriate public offering strategy by examining the corporate and financial structures of the companies.
  • Giving support on the subjects of financial reporting and obligations related to the capital market legislation after public offering.

Company and Share Valuation Services

  • Determining the share value in corporate merger and acquisitions.
  • Detecting the legal hurdles and practical difficulties to be faced during the transactions and creating the required offers for the process to be completed with success.
  • Giving support in stages of harmonization and reorganization after merging and acquisition.
  • Making detection of financial condition, and works of share and asset valuation according to various purpose and scenarios in the corporations.

Due Diligence 

  • In regard to the corporations of which shares are subject to sale, examining assets and debts in the balance sheet and determination of financial condition of the company.
  • Determinations of the obligations that may be arise from the contracts and legal cases.
  • Determination of legal status of the intellectual property rights and the brands.
  • Determination of legal status of the real estate and other real rights.

Special Purpose Examinations

In accordance with the special purpose demands, except the legal legislation, of our business partners and companies; by making examination on the accounting, financial, audit and consultancy subjects, assessment of their reporting demands is among our services.

Family Corporations Services

Turning the corporation into a positive structure, and negative family factors developed in the existing family corporations that are common in our country, with institutionalization process and by creating family constitution system; and contributing to provide consensus among the partners.

As Güncel Group, we aim to give service on maintaining continuity of the family corporations for many years, by relaying our required information and experiences to our business partners, and in line with needs in this field we are expert in terms of the transactions that we have carried out until today.

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