External Support and Consultancy Services

External Support and Consultancy Services

Financial Law Consultancy

Güncel Group provides legal support and consultancy services on all subjects concerning the commercial enterprises, informs its customers as soon as possible about the changes emerged in all kinds of legislation concerning the business world, with the circular letters it issues regularly. Our circulars essentially involve the following fields.

  • Tax legislation and accounting standards.
  • Commercial Code
  • Labor and social security legislation.
  • Foreign capital legislation.
  • Investment incentive legislation.

Corporate Financial Transactions 

Güncel Group supports its business partners in the projects they plan to make and the transactions they want to improve, and in communicating with the corporate finance institutions.

Portfolio Management Transactions 

By bridging between our business partners and the portfolio management corporations, supporting them to get profitable and productive results related to the transactions to be made is among our services.

Abuse Examinations in the Corporations

Proceeding of ever-changing legislation in our sector, also under the effect of globalization, gains great importance. In the stages of fail to follow changes in the applications or determining, scrutinizing, reporting of the mistakes that some malicious persons, and placing transactions in a legal ground; Güncel Group provides services to its business partners with its personnel competent on the legal legislation.

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