Tax Services

Tax Services

Legal provisions while provide rights and benefits to natural and legal persons in one hand, in return they bring specific duties and obligations to the taxpayers. In order to provide the balance between the given right-benefit and obligation-duty without violating public welfare, and generate in accordance with regulations, transparent solution and suggestions; Güncel Group provides below mentioned services.

Tax Services and Tax Consultancy

Güncel Group, in order to avoid the risks possible to occur by studiously examining the relevant information and documents of the business partners’ corporations within the scope of Tax Services, makes all kinds of information for corporate management to take the required measures and decisions at the right time. This provides our business partners to be in right and accountable position in the possible tax audits.

Also, it examines operations of the previous accounting system and documents of the corporations related to the tax legislation, and gives service on improving the current systems of the corporations, being identified of their red lines as result of this examination.

Support Services in Tax Disputes

  • Making the required preliminaries before starting examination.
  • Providing the book and documents which will be submitted in the examination to be complete.
  • Consistently informing the taxpayer about the examination process.
  • Evaluation of the examination minutes.
  • Giving the required support to the taxpayer related to conciliation before and after assessment
  • In the absence of conciliation, following the case either in court of first instance or appeal authority.

Full Certification Services 

  • Determination and confirmation of regulatory compliance of the tax assessment.
  • Control of regulatory compliance of the quarterly provisional tax returns.
  • By eliminating incorrect tax applications, preventing the risk of tax dispute may be emerged in an examination that may be made by the Tax Administration.

Other Certification Services

  • Certification procedures of R&D reductions.
  • Determination of payment of the capital.
  • Determination of the internal resources addible to the capital.
  • Special purpose determination and certification procedures.

Procedures of VAT and SCT Return

Güncel Group provides efficient solutions in VAT refund requests with its experienced CPA managers and experts, performs the reporting procedures in the fastest way. Within this context, below mentioned services are provided:

  • Preparation and confirmation of the VAT and SCT return certification report.
  • Management of the return process and maintaining of the relationships with the tax administration.
  • Consultancy services on the VAT and SCT applications.

Transfer Pricing, Disguised Income Distribution, Discretionary Capital

  • Detection of risks by examining applications of exchanging debt between the related corporations, pricing of the goods and services.
  • Within the frame of the current applications, providing to make safe decisions against possible approaches of the Tax Administration.
  • Giving support service in the stage of development and application of the transfer pricing projects.

R&D Support Procedures

Free Zones, Industrial Zones and Technopark Activities:

  • Creating an efficient tax structure by examining the activities in terms of tax burden.
  • Prevention of the possible tax risks.

Investment Allowance 

It is in question that to determine a road map in the new and additional investments our business partners plan to do, and do feasibility studies of these investments, inform them about the incentive system.

Explaining advantages they can get for their corporations from the investments made, and the incentive applications of their investments, and also which incentives they can benefit from on tax, SSI, space assignment and interest rate cuts is among our services.

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