In today’s world where we live information and technology age, professions, perspectives, working conditions and techniques have rapidly gotten changed. The acquired skills and professional knowledge by graduating from any formal educational institution remain incapable against rapid change in these fields after a while. The businesses demanding to remain standing and grow by increasing the productivity and the countries aiming to raise the level of welfare by providing development experience obligation and pressure to instantly keep pace with all kinds of development, even to be at the fore in all kinds of development by training their personnel.

Efficiency of the corporate future plans of businesses, putting emphasis on the innovation, improvement of their performances will contribute to increase competence and creativity of the structure.

When we look at the developments in our changed world, the importance of personal development is at remarkable level. It will be right to say that the best solution of coming to the fore and making difference in the society is training. When we look at the growing and developing corporations, it is observed that their most conspicuous features are the structures learning continuously and emphasizing on the innovation. The businesses making continuous training and learning as a corporate culture separate from its kinds and achieve their goals rapidly. We as Güncel Group share our accumulation of knowledge and experience with our business partners through Güncel Akademi that we brought into action.

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